Leveling Castor


FOOT MASTER® leveling casters are innovated multifunctional products.
Moving a piece of equipment into a desired location, applying a wheel braking mechanism, and setting the unit into the exact position is easier said than done in many caster applications ;

FOOT MASTER® leveling casters offer a smart solution.
Once positioned in the exact spot of operation, the anti-vibration foot/pad is lowered, and the caster wheel is lifted off the ground, making the equipment completely stationary.
This pad allows for mirror adjustments in leveling requirements. When your equipments need to be moved out of the way, just raise the anti-vibration foot/pad and push it easily to a new location.

FOOT MASTER® advantages
1. Good materials is the start of the uncompromised top quality.
Even if it is hard to see, there are big differences in raw material quality. We are choosing consistently higher quality material for aluminum and nylon.

2. Continuous innovation is one of our core competencies.
FOOT MASTER® leveling caster is designed with an innovative axle,
a patented system, to eliminate the hazards such as vibration axle
in a moving mode, resulting in protecting your equipment and operator.

3. Ratchet leveling casters are patented by G-dok.
For easier use, the self-contained ratcheting device is offered. This device is protected by patent law, so no competitor can imitate this product.

Products lines where layout change is sometimes required would be ideal for FOOT MASTER® leveling casters. You will find FOOT MASTER® leveling casters integrated into the design of automation enclosures, conveyor stands, work stations, manufacturing and assembly machinery in many industries.

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