Shock Absorbing Castors

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Whether you're moving delicate instruments, people or jet engines throughout a plant, across the street or around the world, choose Shock Absorbing casters for the most dependable and highest quality shock absorbing casters.
By fitting one of our shock absorbing casters, spring-loaded casters, or heavy duty casters to your application, you can increase productivity when you do the following:


Speed, capacity, mobility and noise control are all critical factors in the design of efficient material handling equipment. The payloads are often subjected to damaging shock forces as the vehicles' running gear comes in contact with surface obstructions. As a result, shock caused by impact becomes a significant limiting factor to overcome.   It has the outstanding ability to dampen shock with its exceptionally wide spring deflection range. As much as 80% of the shock and vibration normally transmitted of the payload is dissipated by this unique system.

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